What to Consider When Spray Painting

When we say spray painting, we often associate it with random graffiti artists painting cool letterings and other artworks on walls or concrete floors. But aside from using for artistic purposes, spray paints are also used for commercial and residential painting needs


Speaking of painting needs, make sure to hire a trusted residential painter in Franklin TN to ensure a quality paint job every time. When it comes to spray paints, it is one of the fastest ways to get a paint job done. It also comes in different colors and finishes that will suit your painting needs. 


Spray paints can work on various surfaces including concrete, metal, plastic, and wood. But before starting painting using spray paints, you need to consider some things first. For one thing, it would take some time to spray paint the right way. Here are the steps in using spray paint for your residential or commercial painting needs. 



Find the right paint location. 

Spray painting can be a messy chore. That is why you should look for a good place to do the spray painting task. Ideally, you should do it outdoors or in any well-ventilated area. However, make sure that your workspace is not too windy or the paint will end up blowing on your face. 



Don’t forget the prepping process. 

Like in any other painting process, spray painting needs some prepping steps, too. However, it depends on the type of material you want to paint. For example, you would have to patch up holes or smoothen out scratches and rough spots before spray painting. When prepping, make sure to let the surface dry completely first before painting it. 



Protect areas you don’t want to paint. 

Spray paint tends to splatter and make a mess, so make sure to cover areas with newspaper or drop cloths that you don’t want paint on. If it’s only a small material, you can lay it down in a cardboard box.


Don’t forget to wear protective gear such as goggles, gloves, and a dust mask. It is also a good idea to remove any footwear when doing a spray paint job. Or if you cannot avoid wearing shoes, double-check your soles for any traces of paint. 



Don’t rush the paint job. 

Spray paint is a fast and (supposedly) easy way to accomplish a painting task. But it can also be tricky. One misstep and you can ruin the entire spray paint project. For an efficient and effective paint job, apply the spray paint in thin coats. Naturally, the first coat will still be translucent, but patience is a must if you are spray painting a surface. 


Also, don’t be too enthusiastic when spray painting. It is better to conserve paint by spraying in short and gradual spurts. Make sure that you let it set completely, about 24 hours, before putting any décor or using the surface. 



Whether you decide to spray paint or use a traditional paint can-paint brush combo, make sure not to skip the necessary steps including prepping the surface. Spray painting is an easy and fast task, just make sure to follow the abovementioned tips for a hassle-free finish!

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