What To Consider Before Painting Your Home on a Rainy Day

For some reason, rainy days get people to be sentimental. It somehow eases the mind and makes your senses calm and collected. That time that you just didn’t want to get up in bed and want to cuddle with a loved one. Sounds romantic and relaxing, right?

But sometimes, rainy days can be a source of stress and bad news. Imagine planning ahead for an exterior house painting… and then it starts to rain! Such wrong timing, right? It’s as if house painting needs to have its own schedule. The weather can be unpredictable at times, so painting outside the house can be truly challenging. 


Painting in the rain 

We all know that water and paint do not mix. What more if you decide to paint your exterior walls or roof on a rainy day. How long will it take for the paint to dry? Will painting under the rain even affect its texture or color?

When it comes to painting, we should already know the basics. For one, never paint on wet surfaces. Interior wall painting should be fine even on rainy days, but it’s another story when you’re about to paint your exterior walls on a rainy day. Also, low temperatures could delay paint curing and drying.

So the ultimate question is, can you really paint in the rain? The answer is yes, you can – but there’s a catch. Of course, the surface to be painted should be dry and not touched by rain. Make sure to keep it raindrops-free from the start of painting up to the curing process.

Painting the interior surfaces should be a lot easier even when it’s raining outside. Yet you should still be careful especially when you decide to open the windows to get rid of the paint smell. Doing so is necessary for health and safety reasons. But make sure not to let rain splash through the screens or the open windows. 


When is the right time to paint your home? 

Note that paint takes longer to dry in humid weather than sunny weather, regardless of either an interior or exterior paint job. That means a possible delay in drying time before the application of succeeding coats of paint. Humid weather can also cause condensation that can affect painted surfaces. 

Having said that, a lot of home improvement experts do not suggest painting even if it’s only a drizzle of rain. However, this would be hard to follow especially if you live in an area where it rains most of the time. Here are ways to determine the right time to paint (despite rain). 


  • Recent and current surface condition 

    • Is the surface currently wet? If not, when was the last time it got wet? Because it might not look wet in the naked eye but could have moisture left. 
  • Temperature 

    • Lower temperature means longer drying hours for painted surfaces. Make sure to check the label for the painting temperature recommendation. Hiring a professional painter in Franklin TN is also a good idea to ensure a hassle-free and flawless paint job. Contact one today!

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