Things to Consider Before Buying Ceiling Paint

Not all types of paint are made equal. Meaning, there are certain kinds of paint made to be used in specific locations. For example, exterior paints should be used on outdoor walls and surfaces. Bathroom paint should be used on… well, bathrooms. The same goes for ceiling paint. 

Regardless of the type of paint, you should check the label first before buying on. This is to ensure that you use the right paint for a specific surface. Otherwise, it may not yield good results as you expect it. Hiring a professional residential painter in your area also helps in achieving your house painting needs. 

Speaking of ceiling paint, you would want to buy paint specially made for that part of the house. Some paint brand has their own “ceiling paint”, while some painters use interior-acrylic latex. Is there a ceiling paint and is it worth the buy? Here’s what you need to know. 


Facts about ceiling paint 

As mentioned, there are different types of paint specially made for different painting needs. One of them is ceiling paint. For one, ceiling paints’ composition differs from exterior paint and bathroom paint. So if you are going to paint your ceiling area, better choose one specifically labeled as “ceiling paint” or other types of paint that can be used for ceilings


More viscous, fewer splatters and drips

Ceiling paint is more viscous than other types of paint. Meaning, less occurrence of drippings and splatters. On the other hand, ordinary latex paint is thinner and less viscous. Viscosity levels are usually measured by KU or Kreb’s Units. The higher the KU, the more viscous it is (think honey-like viscosity levels). 

So if you do not want to see paint drops on your floor, make sure to use ceiling paint. If you cannot find paint labeled as “ceiling paint”, you can opt for ordinary flat sheen interior latex paint as well. 


Hides stains and other surface imperfections 

Ceiling paints also can hide unsightly stains. It may not miraculously cover all the stains 100 percent, but at least ceiling paint can do the job better than the usual latex paint. 

You can also use ceiling paint on your bathroom ceiling. Just make sure to fix any ventilation issues that are causing mold and mildew buildup on your bathroom walls and ceiling. Clean the stains if there are any before painting the surface. 


What sheen and color options should you use for your ceiling? 

When it comes to ceiling paint colors, white is the most popular. White is a universal, timeless, and versatile color. It can match any other colors in the room and can make a room look bigger and spacious.

But some homeowners choose to paint their ceilings colors other than white. One option is painting the ceiling a darker color and the rest of the walls lighter to create an eye-catching contrast. 

As for the sheen or finish, a lot of paint experts recommend using ones with a flat finish. Meanwhile, some homeowners opt to use glossy paint sheens apparently to reflect ambient light across the entire room. 

With all of these said, using ceiling paint is a great idea. If you want better and quality paint jobs, make sure to hire the best residential painters in Franklin TN today!

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