Want to Keep Your Walls Looking Like New? Here’s How to Maintain It

Painting the interior and exterior walls is a cheap way to enhance your home’s aesthetic. But painting your house walls does not stop there. It is also important that you keep your painted walls well-maintained and vibrant all the time. After all, who wants to see icky fingerprint marks and all kinds of stains on the wall? 

If you want the best paint jobs out there, you can hire the best painters in TN. Or you can do the job yourself if you are a DIY junkie. No matter your option is, or which paint color your choose, how you maintain it will make a lot of difference to the paint job. 

Speaking of maintenance, it is more than keeping them dust and fingerprint-free. It can also be a reflection of who you are as a responsible homeowner. Here are things you need to consider so your paint job will last for a long time. 


How to maintain painted walls 

It is normal that your interior and exterior walls accumulate dirt and debris over time. That is why you should make it a habit to clean and maintain your walls regularly. Here are tips on how to maintain painted walls. 


Use a microfiber cloth to dust your walls. 

Having a microfiber cloth is a must in every household. You can use it to clean any type of surfaces including furniture and walls. Experts suggest cleaning your walls off any dirt and debris once every few months. You don’t have to move furniture or any décor while cleaning the walls. Covered surfaces won’t usually collect dust, only those exposed areas. Don’t forget to clean the ceiling, too. 


Create your homemade soap. 

There are some products available that are specially made for cleaning walls and other surfaces. This mixture is easy to make and won’t cost you a lot of money. You can mix either of the following in a gallon of warm water: 


  • A cup of borax and 2 tablespoons of your favorite dishwashing liquid
  • A cup of ammonia and a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid 

Make sure to test the cleaning products first in a small spot so you won’t accidentally wash off the paint. Avoid washing the walls using trisodium phosphate as it can make the paint finish dull. 


Clean high-traffic areas. 

Wash-cleaning an entire room may not be necessary, but you can if you want. But make sure not to neglect areas that your family often come in contact with. This includes the areas surrounding light switches, thermostats, or behind the sofa area. 


Deal with lead paint accordingly. 

If your home is more than 5 years old and has not done a repaint, chances are that the paint used contains toxic lead material. You can confirm it by mailing a small paint chip to a lab (you can find some of these labs online or on Yellow Pages). If the walls do have traces of lead paint, use about two coats of new paint to seal the old paint off. 


Address damage if it’s there. 

Make sure to sand the chipped or scraped surface and fill gaps before repainting as needed. If the damage is because of a water leak, tackle the root cause first before touching up the said damage. 


Nothing makes a home fancy and welcoming than clean and well-maintained walls. The above-mentioned tips can help you achieve just that. For your painting needs, make sure to contact the best painters in your area!

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