The top 5 benefits of hiring a professional residential painter in Franklin, TN

Professional Residential Painter

The simplest way to change the look and feel of your house is to give it a new coat of colors. Luckily, staying current on home design trends has never been easier. Whether it’s on HGTV, Pinterest, or Instagram there is no shortage of inspiration for your home’s new look. You’ve probably picked out the colors you want and pictured how they would blend with the decor. So the only question is – Should you DIY or hire a professional residential painter?

Updating the paint colors of your home can often sound like one of those tasks that you can do over the weekend, but in reality, this is a job for the pros. Here’s why hiring a professional residential painter in Franklin, TN is the smart way to go. 

1. Get the results you want

No doubt it feels terrific to be able to say you pulled off this paint job all by yourself, a professional painter is better equipped to deliver amazing, desirable results. Remember, the goal isn’t just to slap on a new paint coat but to also enhance curb appeal and boost the property’s value. A professional painter does this day in and day out. They know how to correctly prep the walls,  what areas to tape, and the best type of paint to use to perfectly capture your vision. For instance, did you know there are special paints best suited for bathrooms and kitchens

2. Save time and effort 

Sure, you could always paint your living room or bedroom over the weekend, but have you considered the amount of prep work you’ll have to put up? More importantly, do you really want to spend your Saturday balancing on a ladder, covered in paint and straining your neck as you try to cover those hard to reach corners? A professional residential painter will get the job done in no time and save you the hassles. 

3. The pros have the right equipment

Professional painters have all the necessary tools for all kinds of paint jobs. And, they are extremely skilled in using them. They know what rollers and brushes to use for each type of paint, plus they’re also equipped with high-quality drop cloths to protect against floor stains. You’d be surprised how quickly these equipment costs can add up if you DIY. 

4. Insurance coverage, professional affiliations

The state of Tennessee requires contractors to be properly licensed, bonded, and insured. This means that when you hire a professional residential painter in Franklin, TN, you’re sure that if any issues arise, there are systems in place to protect you. 

5. Avoid Post-work cleanup stress

At the end of the paint job, there will usually be lots of cleanups and rearrangements needed to get your home back to how it was before. With a  professional residential painter, however, you don’t have to worry about this since they’ll usually handle the cleanups for you after the job. No stress on your end — simply step back into your beautifully painted house.

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  1. Your tip about how hiring pros with the right equipment can save money really caught my eye. After living in my new house for a couple of months, I had the idea of giving my interior a fresh coat of paint to brighten it up, but shuddered at the thought of buying all different kinds of brushes or sprays to paint with. Since I don’t have any idea about what the best paints or equipment are, I’ll take your advice and find an interior painting service instead to make sure it gets done properly.

    1. The right tools solve a lot of challenges. Once you get the knowledge and experience along with the right tools, now you’re making it look easy.

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