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We are licensed and insured. We have been in the business for 15 long years providing quality paint jobs to our clients.


100% Satisfaction guaranteed! We make sure you are happy with our work. We take pride on our workmanship.

Residential Painting

Fabian’s Painting is here to help you get your home looking new and fresh again. When you hire us, we will be sure to use care and respect when working in and around your house. We cover furniture and flooring before any work and clean up before we leave.

All of the paint we use is high grade and low VOC (volatile organic compounds). VOC’s are necessary and present in all paint, but we only use low-VOC paint for interior jobs to keep the paint fumes to a minimum.


Before painting, we like to ensure that we have a clean surface with which to start. We will inspect your home’s exterior to determine if any repairs are necessary before painting. We can paint most surfaces, including brick. We can help you choose colors and show you how it will look on your house. Once you are satisfied with your color selection, we will begin the painting.


We can help you choose your perfect color from our Sherwin-Williams color palette for the inside of your home if you haven’t already made a selection. Once you choose your color, we will schedule a time to get started on your project.

We start by ensuring all surfaces to be painted are smooth, clean, and ready for paint by repairing any defects such as nail holes.

If you are looking for upgraded finishes, we can add wainscoting, ship lap, and crown molding. We also have the ability to perform repairs to and resurface most walls and ceilings before painting.

Commercial Painting

Fabian’s Painting has a lot of experience working with builders and commercial projects locally in Franklin and the surrounding areas. We understand that with commercial projects there are timelines to adhere to. We are committed to delivering on the timelines discussed.

Whether you have an apartment building that needs rooms repainted before the next tenant moves in; a commercial building that needs fresh exterior paint; or you own a restaurant and just want it repainted and looking fresh, we are here to serve your needs and timelines.

Drywall Repair and Ceiling Resurfacing

Fabian’s Painting has a team of experts that can install and finish drywall fast. No job is too large or too small.

Does your house still have an out dated textured ceiling? We can remove it and make it look smooth and clean again!

Or if you want your room to stand out, installing tongue-and-groove wood on the ceiling and trimmed with crown moulding is always beautiful and will make a big impression.

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen cabinets are very expensive to replace. A more budget conscious way to refresh your kitchen is to have them repainted. To do this correctly, you need to ensure that the cabinets are prepped properly and use very high grade paint made for this type of application. When you hire Fabian’s Painting to refinish your kitchen cabinets, you will not only see a stunning transformation, but you can be assured that the work was done professionally and will be long-lasting.

We can also do custom work such as adding a glaze to your cabinets for that extra detail.

Deck and Fence Staining

The best way to preserve your deck or fence is to keep up with cleaning such as pressure washing (link to service) every year. But if your deck or fence is past the maintenance stage, or you have built a new deck or fence, the next step is to protect it with a high quality stain or paint. Give us a call to learn what you should do and what your best options are.

Driveway Sealing

Do you want to keep your driveway looking clean and new? A good driveway sealer will make cleaning oil drips much easier. Tired with the mess aphids leave on your patio? Sealing your concrete makes cleaning it much easier.

New concrete should always be sealed to prevent cracking and spalling. A concrete sealer will help keep moisture in the concrete so that it cures properly.

Pressure Washing

With all of the rain we get in middle Tennessee, it can create mold and mildew build up. By power washing your decks, fences, and house annually, you can help prevent build up and improve longevity of your biggest investment – your home.