Residential Painting Franklin TN

Other than the rich history, Franklin TN also has a lot of resources and great cultures that make it a great place to live in. The low cost of living and the amazing service providers are also additional reasons why living here is more enjoyable. Our company is here to help you revamp your home to give it a fresh and better aesthetic look through professional painting. Whatever mood you’re trying to create, whether cheerful, elegant, or muted, we are here to help you achieve it. We have a wide collection of colors that make our residential painting services easier. Some of our services include:

Interior painting

Interior residential painting can change the entire ambiance in the home even when done on a smaller section. We can paint your bathrooms, shelves, kitchens, ceilings, cabinets, bedrooms, and walls and give the entire house a new feeling. With our color palette, you can be sure that you will find the perfect color for your interior.

Exterior painting

Since the outside areas of your home are more exposed to harsh weather elements, they tend to become dull and are more likely to peel off over time. We try to provide a solution with our exterior residential painting services which cover the outside areas of the house as well as other outdoor living spaces. We can paint your patios, decks, sheds and barns, playhouses, fences, and garages among others. 

Why choose us 

We follow a systematic approach with all our painting services. We start by inspecting and cleaning the surfaces then we repair any damages to even the surfaces. We also cover all your furniture to protect them before we start painting. Our work is guaranteed to produce professional finishing that will give your entire home a new look.

At Fabian’s Painting, we go the extra mile to guarantee customer satisfaction. In addition to residential painting, we also provide carpentry services such as shiplap, crown molding, and wainscoting to further revamp your home. We clean up after ourselves, and we use high-quality paint with minimal volatile compounds to ensure you remain comfortable in your own home. 

We serve different areas of Tennessee including Bellevue, Nashville, and Brentwood among others. Call us today at 615-474-6656 for a free consultation with our expert residential painters.