Repainting Your Bathroom? Here’s What You Need to Know

When it comes to building a bathroom, we would often think of choosing the right tiles, countertops, showerheads, and so on. But if you are aiming to refresh your bathroom without spending too much, why not try repainting your bathroom instead? Speaking of painting, you should only trust the best paint contractors in Franklin TN for quality and professional paint needs. 


Painting is a cheap but effective way to create a refreshing look on any surface without spending a lot. You can repaint your bathroom instead of replacing an entire bathtub or countertop (unless there is already extensive damage on it), the latter of which can be costly. However, there are also a lot of things you need to consider before repainting your bathroom. 



What colors to choose to paint a bathroom?

With so many colors to choose from, it can be overwhelming to select the right kind of paint for your bathroom. From neutrals, yellow, white, light blue, and so on… the paint color options are endless. But it all boils down to your color preference. Or whether the paint color will suit the theme you are aiming for in your bathroom. 


That said, how should you choose a paint color for your bathroom? Of course, one way is choosing a color that appeals to you the most. Another way is to find bathroom décor that will serve as an inspiration to your preferred bathroom motif. You can also use the bathroom décor to paint the walls the opposite hue. This is to make your décor stand out. 



Should you use muted or bold paint colors? 

So you have chosen a particular color, say, yellow. But there are different shades of yellow – lemon yellow, amber yellow, and corn yellow among a few. All of these are considered yellow, but all also differ in their hues. Bold colors are more vivid and warm, while muted ones usually have a cold and toned-down feel. 


Then again, it depends on your color preference. Some like bright colors, while others are more at peace with neutral or muted paint colors. Paint colors can also make a room look bigger and can even be mood-inducing. The lighter the color, the more it can make a room look larger and spacious. 



Tips on painting a bathroom 

Painting a bathroom is the same as painting your bedroom or living room. It requires preparation so that it will yield the best results. However, painting a bathroom is different from painting other rooms as the former is more prone to humidity and moisture. Here are tips on effectively painting a bathroom. 



Clean the surface first. 

Make sure to remove soap scum and other substances that can affect the paint’s adherence to the surface. You can also use TSP (trisodium phosphate) to deep-clean your bathroom surface before cleaning. 



Choose bathroom-specific paint. 

It is also important to choose bathroom-friendly paint. There are also some paint makers that sell bathroom paint, which usually has a better resistance against moisture and mold. 



Remove the décor before starting to paint. 

You should also remove the mirrors, towel racks, wall plates, and another bathroom décor that can obstruct your painting. Meanwhile, cover the other areas that you don’t want to be painted using painter’s tape or drop cloths, such as the ceiling, backsplash, and trim. 



Hire the best interior painters in Franklin TN

For a quality paint job, make sure to hire only trusted professional paint contractors in your area. 

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