Planning a DIY Painting Project? Read This First Before It’s Too Late

House painting can be a tedious and expensive task, depending on the scope of the area to be painted. Most homeowners would opt to hire professional residential painters for their house painting needs. However, there is always something that makes you feel good when you do things on your own. Not to mention, it is cheaper unlike hiring professionals when you can DIY it if you want. 


Then again, there are always risks if you are planning a DIY project. More so, if you are doing this for the first time. That is why we came up with this shortlist of the most common DIY painting mistakes that you should avoid. Make sure to take note of each of them if you don’t want to waste your time and money on an epic fail DIY paint project. 



Committing these first-timer mistakes

Leaving the can open while painting can be one of the most fatal mistakes you could ever make. Well, a lot of people think this is not a big deal… until someone accidentally steps on it or tips the can on the floor. Just imagine wasting paint, getting dried out, or getting mixed up. You can also put your little children or pets at risk if you do not cover the paint can. In that case, make sure to keep them safe as well during the painting process. 


Using the paintbrush too much

If you want as a smooth finish as possible, do not be too enthusiastic when using your paintbrush. Do not put too much paint or swipe the surface several times. Doing so will lead to unappealing ridges and brush marks. Instead, go easy on the paint and paint the area in one or two swipes. 


Painting in extreme conditions 

Before painting, take note of the weather and temperature as well. Experts suggest going ahead with a painting project when the temperature is around 25 to 30 degrees. Below 20 degrees and paint won’t dry properly and even cause cracking. Painting in very hot temperatures can cause paint bubbling or blistering. Also, make sure to do your painting project in a well-ventilated and well-lighted area. 


Not considering paint splatters 

Putting old newspapers or clothes all over the area can take a lot of time. So you might think, “Nah, I will just be careful while painting”. Lo and behold! You find unsightly paint splatters all over the floor or your furniture. If you don’t want this to happen, make sure to take time protecting areas that you don’t want the paint to touch. Remove frames and another small décor before painting as well. 


Choosing the wrong paint sheen

No matter how good your painting technique, or how popular the paint brand you are using, if it’s the wrong sheen, your paint project will be an epic fail. When choosing a sheen, you should also consider the surface you are going to paint. For example, using paint with a high sheen on a rough surface can only highlight its imperfections. 


These are some common painting mistakes that you should remember not to commit! House painting can be DIY’d as long as you do it right. But if you want to achieve better results, make sure to hire the best residential painters in Franklin TN! Contact one today and ask for a quote.

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