Keep Your Pets Safe During a Home Renovation in Franklin TN With These Tips

When it comes to home renovations and other kinds of improvement, you would have to consider a lot of things. One of which is dealing with possible health and safety hazards during the home improvement project. Whether it’s a paint job in Franklin TN to more complicated tasks such as building a home addition, you should ensure everyone’s safety in your home. Yep, including your pets. 


Having a pet at home, while a home renovation is ongoing, is a different story. Our pets make our domestic lives brighter and more purposeful. So it is only right that we give them all the love and care they need at home. More so, to ensure they are safe during a home renovation. 



Common pet hazards during home improvement tasks 

Going through a home renovation project not only can be stressful for homeowners but also for pets. People need to adjust to life during a renovation, and so are pets. Animals can also experience stress due to all those noises that occur during a home renovation. There are also other potential safety hazards that you should protect your pets (and yourselves) from, which are the following. 



Hazardous house materials 

This includes cleaners, carpentry materials (nails, screws, hammers, etc.), paints, thinners, and so on. These items can cause injuries when coming into contact with skin, or poisonous when ingested. You would not also want your pet to be licking fresh paint or nibbling on chipped wood or scattered nails. Make sure to keep these items out of your children’s and pet’s reach.



Heavy décor/household items 

You would also have to move heavy household items such as the sofa set, bookshelves, or tables during the renovation. Make sure that your pets are relocated somewhere while moving these items to prevent accidental falls and injuries. 



All those noises 

Expect your house to be noisy while the renovation is ongoing. With all the loud sounds of the power tools and people shouting back and forth. Noise can also cause stress to pets and even cause aggression to humans. Foot traffic can also cause injuries to pets if they are left unnoticed and get accidentally stepped on because they’re in the way. 



How to keep your pets safe during a home renovation

Creating a safe environment for your pets during a home renovation is a must. If you get stressed with all the moving and adjusting you have to do during a home renovation, what more for your pets? That is why you should also consider your pets’ safety during an ongoing home improvement project. 



Decide whether to let your pet stay at a pet hotel. 

There are pet hotels that offer to lodge to pets. You can consider this, but depending on how long the planned home renovation is. If it will last for let’s say weeks or even a month or so, pet hotels can be expensive. But letting them stay in a daycare or just at home can be a better choice. 



Create a safe area temporarily for your pets. 

You can also consider creating a containment room for pets to ensure their safety during the home renovation. Fill the room up with comfy beddings, their toys, and food. Make sure to check on them from time to time. 



Keep them entertained all the time. 

Make sure to keep them distracted and engaged all the time. Perhaps go for afternoon walks to make them relaxed. Buy them toys to keep them busy and less anxious during the renovation. Don’t forget to contact the best paint contractors in Franklin TN for your house painting needs!

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