How to Paint on An Aluminum Surface

Like the story of the Three Little Pigs, there are a lot of building materials you can choose from. You can build a house made of straw, wood, or bricks. Each building material has its pros and cons that you have to consider.

However, there are also building materials you can choose from other than the said material options. But regardless of what building material you choose, you should also hire a trusted painter in Franklin TN for your paint job needs. You can have your interior and exterior walls painted as well as your cabinets and furniture for a refreshing look. 

Speaking of building materials, another popular one is aluminum. Aluminum has been used for home furnishings and building projects for some time. It can be comparable to iron or steel, but aluminum is more durable and lightweight. Aluminum looks elegant and sleek as it is, but you can also paint it with any color you want. 

Painting aluminum material is not that hard to do. It will only require several but simple steps. You need to clean and prep it first before priming it, seal it, leave to dry, and enjoy the renewed beauty of the aluminum surface. You can do it yourself, or hire a trusted painter to help you. 


How to paint aluminum 

You will need the following materials when painting aluminum furniture or any surface. 

  • Acrylic spray paint 
  • Spray primer 
  • Degreasing detergent 
  • Sandpaper 
  • Wire brush 
  • Enamel sealant 
  • Drop cloth 

Next, you should do the following steps in painting an aluminum surface. 


  1. First, you should clean the aluminum surface. Put drop cloths on the ground to prevent paint splatters from staining the floor or any surface you are working on. Mix warm water and degreasing cleaner or detergent and wipe the aluminum surface. Let it air-dry afterward. 
  2. Next, sand the aluminum material using sand paper or a power sander to ensure that the paint will adhere well later on. Make sure to use the necessary protective gear such as a dust mask, gloves, and goggles when sanding. Wipe the debris off the surface after doing the sanding process. 
  3. Apply self-etching primer as per manufacturer’s instructions. Let it dry as instructed, sand again, and wipe the dirt off using a clean cloth or rag. 
  4. You can now start the painting process. For aluminum, you can use either latex or acrylic paint. Make sure the paint is specific for metal use and has an “exterior-grade” label if the aluminum material will be used outdoors. On the other hand, avoid using glossy paint on aluminum as it will further highlight dents and other imperfections on metal. Instead, it better to choose a satin or matte paint finish. 
  5. After painting, add about two coats of enamel sealer on the painted aluminum material as per instruction. Let it dry properly before you can start using the painted aluminum furnishing. 


These are the necessary steps you need to follow when painting an aluminum surface. It can be a piece of furniture, an outdoor fence, railing, or any item used as part of your home furnishings. For your paint needs, make sure to hire the best professional painters near you!

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