How to Paint Laminate and Melamine Surfaces

Among the most popular surface finishings are laminate and melamine. You can normally see these on countertops and kitchen shelves. If you want to refresh your laminate and melamine shelves, you can hire professional painters for the best results. 

While these two look elegant in any home, they are highly prone to scratches and nicks, and the usual wear-and-tear. Unlike block wood or Corian that can be sanded smooth, you cannot do so with melamine and laminate. But you can resurface them by adding a coat of paint to the melamine and laminate material. 


What you need to know before painting laminate and melamine 

Repainting laminate and melamine surfaces is a cheaper way to refresh instead of replacing them. Also, you will save time and keep your kitchen clean as you don’t have to demolish the entire area just because of an outdated laminate or melamine countertop or cabinet. 

When it comes to prepping, you should not sand both materials due to the absence of natural grain. You also don’t just paint on laminate and melamine as these are meant to repel liquids such as oil and water as well as food stains. However, there is still a proper way to prep the laminate and melamine surface before painting on them. 

If you don’t prep accordingly, the paint will peel off and wasting your time, effort, and money. Instead, you should use a liquid deglosser or some light sanding before starting the actual painting task. Make sure to use paint specially made for melamine and laminate. 


Getting started 

Before painting the laminate or melamine surface, you need to degloss the surface first. As mentioned, these kinds of surfaces tend to repel liquids and stains. So if you use paint on it, it will just repel and peel off. Using deglosser or liquid sandpaper will dull the surfaces so the paint will stick to the surface better. 

Make sure to use protection for your furniture and floors during the painting task by using dropcloths or some old newspapers. More importantly, keep you and everyone protected by wearing dust masks. Better yet, let professional painters do the job to ensure a painting job is done well. 


Steps on painting laminate and melamine 

After prepping the surface, follow these steps when painting laminate and melamine shelves and countertops. 


Start applying the first coat of paint. 

Apply primer or a thin coat of paint to the surface. Use a roller brush for the flat surfaces, and a paintbrush for the hard-to-reach spots, corners, and edges. Let the primer coat dry first for around 6 hours or as per the paint manufacturer’s directions. 


Follow up with subsequent paint coats. 

Make sure to dry each coat of paint before applying the next one. Ideally, you will need five coats of paint to finish the paint job – 2 primer coats, two coats of enamel paint, and a coat of acrylic sealer as the finishing touch. 


Let curing take time.

The final coat of paint should be fully cured for about two to three weeks before starting to use the surface again. If you cannot wait to use it before two weeks, make sure to use the surface as gently as possible and store only light items on top of it. For your residential painting needs, make sure to hire a professional painter in Franklin TN

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