5 Ways to Make Your Home Brighter and More Inviting

Between natural and artificial, the former is always better. For one, natural light helps in increasing serotonin in your body which basically keeps you in a good mood. Natural light also makes any room more inviting and warm not even mood-setting artificial lights can imitate. Most of all, natural light is free. 


Unfortunately, this is something that a lot of homeowners tend to ignore. Most homeowners often focus on choosing paint colors and lighting options for their respective homes. For your interior and exterior paint needs, you should contact the best painters in your area. 



How to let natural light into your house 

Shopping for lighting fixtures can be an exciting but meticulous affair. The lighting should suit the room where you will install it. There are also different types of lighting such as spotlight, ambient, and there are even ones that are either incandescent or LED. 


But what about considering how to let natural light come into your house? As mentioned, it is free and can make any room warm and welcoming. If you live in a warm climate or tropical area, then it is best to make the most out of natural light and let it into your home. Here are some ways to bring natural light into every room. 



Use brighter or lighter paint color on your interior walls and ceiling. 

It may be a no-brainer because it is obviously one of the best ways to add light to your home. If you want to make a room brighter, the best choice is to use white paint on the walls and ceiling. But if you are not a fan of white color, you can opt for other shades such as light beige or pale yellow. For the ceiling, paint experts suggest using a flat or matte finish is preferred as it can reduce glare. 



Use mirrors or reflective tiles. 

Shiny surfaces such as mirrors or reflective tiles easily reflect light. Make sure to place them in a strategic location such as near windows. Doing so will easily let natural light bounce into the room and make it look brighter and bigger. The same applies to reflective tiles or backsplashes. 



Consider adding a skylight. 

It is also a good idea to add a skylight as it is an effective way to draw natural light into your home. Also known as roof windows, a skylight often faces upward directly into the sun. Skylights are also effective as it is not shadowed by other objects outdoors or covered by curtains or blinds. 



Rearrange your décor and furniture. 

Perhaps your luxurious sofa is blocking your windows. Or your thick, dark curtains covering not only the windows but also block the beauty of the outdoors. It might be a good idea to relocate your bulky furniture and place them elsewhere where it won’t block natural light. Instead of heavy curtains, you can opt using window blinds or a light-colored curtain. 



Change your front door. 

You can opt for a door with glass panels instead of the usual solid exterior doors. That way, light can still come into your home even when the door is closed. 



For more house brightening tips, you can consult a trusted painter in Franklin TN. Contact one today!

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