How to Clean and Care for Your Paint Brushes

A paint job is not complete without a good paintbrush. You can choose either a good-quality paintbrush or paint roller. Your good old’ painting tools should last you for several years with proper care and maintenance. Professional painters in TN should invest in quality paint tools, including good brushes or rollers, for their clients’ satisfaction. 


How to choose a good paintbrush 

Paintbrushes are made differently, and they cost differently depending on the brand, size, and even the material. Sure, there are a lot of cheaper paint brushes out there. But are those worth your money if it won’t last you several uses? You will be regret scrimping on paintbrush quality, later on, so make sure to choose wisely when it comes to painting brushes. 

However, in some instances using a cheaper paintbrush is a good idea. For one, a cheap paintbrush is better used for applying glue. Likewise, a cheap brush can be used on a paint job not intended for a major interior paint project (ex. painting a large portion of a living room wall). 

Nonetheless, you should also check the paintbrush you are going to buy. A nice paint color would be useless if you use a substandard paintbrush. When buying a paintbrush, make sure to check out the following if you want a quality paint job well done. 



An inexpensive brush usually has synthetic or nylon bristles. It may not be recommended for painting because it may not hold paint effectively and cause streaky paint lines. Synthetic bristles also usually tend to be fewer and thicker, hence the paint streaks when applied. 



This is the metal strap attaching the bristles to the handle. Cheap brushes usually do not have a secure ferrule. This causes the bristles to loosen and even end up sticking to the painted surface itself. 


Foam brushes

On the one hand, foam brushes are an idea for minor touch-ups and smearing glues as well as using it for applying clear wood finishing. However, it is not applicable for use in major paint jobs. 


Caring for your paintbrush 

In every major paint job, make sure to use the best quality paintbrush out there. Not only it will ensure that the paint will stick to the brush effectively but also make your paint job professional-looking. Also, here are tips you should remember if you want to make your paintbrush last for a long time. 


  • When storing the brush, make sure to wrap the ferrule and bristles in plastic wrap. 
  • Put the brush in a container or paint bucket filled with solvent. For latex paint, use water. For oil-based paint, use paint thinner. Make sure that the brushes are fully submerged in the solvent. 
  • Before storing, make sure to remove the excess paint first by scraping the used brush against the paint can’s edges. 


These are important tips to remember for proper selection, care, and maintenance of your paintbrushes. For more paintbrush care and usage tips, you can ask your trusted paint professionals in your area!


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