How to Choose the Best Wall Art For Your Living Space

Most people think wall art goes to art galleries. But these wonderful pieces of art will also work in your living space. It keeps your living space interesting and inviting. Wall art can also work in any type of home which can add personality and life to your living space. 

There is no right or wrong when it comes to decorating your home. Choose the paint color you want for your walls. Buy furniture and décor of your choice that you think suits your personality and your home’s overall theme. Nonetheless, it would be better to follow the basics, especially when selecting wall art for your home. The possibilities are endless when it comes to decorating your precious living space!


How to choose wall art to decorate your home 

To make everything simple, you just have to look for something that you love. Not only like, but also love! For one thing, art should evoke a positive reaction in a person. It should be something that will make you feel happy, relaxed, or excited. Otherwise, that wall art doesn’t deserve a space in your home. 

Still, finding that perfect wall art can be quite challenging. Think of it like choosing a piece of furniture or a house paint color. It would take some time and consideration because those pieces of wall art will make or break your home. Here are tips for choosing the best wall art for your home. 


Consider the size. 

First of all, you need to keep in mind the wall art size you are going to use to decorate your home. There is no use in having a spectacular wall photo or painting if the size isn’t right. The wrong wall art size could throw off the room’s balance. 

Also, consider what you will do with the wall art. Are you going to hang it on the wall, or rest it on top of a desk? When choosing wall art, make sure, to begin with, the larger pieces and work on the smaller ones later on.

Keep your wall art and furniture in proportion. Better yet, buy wall art sets of three not only to make use of the given space but can also make your home stylish and aesthetic.


Choose the best style that will complement your home. 

Aside from the wall art size, you can also consider the style of the wall art. It could be beach-themed, nature, contemporary, modern, or boho – so make sure to decide wisely. Other things you should consider include the following. 


  • Find a piece of artwork that will perfectly reflect the feeling (energetic? Relaxing? Artsy?) you want to evoke in the entire room. 
  • Framing is key. If you have doubts about your chosen art piece, you can always put it in a frame. 
  • Let the wall art style play with your home’s motif. For example, black and white photos can work with modern homes. 


Choosing the right wall art can make a lot of difference in beautifying your home. It also sets the tone for your living space and makes your home look more interesting. Choosing the right wall paint color will also create that look you always wanted for your home. Contact the best professional residential painters in Franklin TN today!

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