House Buying and Ownership 101 For The Younger Generation

House buying was often left to the hands of our parents and the elder generation. For one thing, owning and maintaining a house is a huge responsibility. But times have changed. The younger generation, including the so-called millennials and even the Gen Z-ers, are starting to invest in real estate planning. 

That being said, real estate ownership knows no age. As long as you have the budget for it, you can buy your own real estate property. Hiring a trusted paint contractor and home improvement professionals should also be included in your budget. 

However, it is more than owning a building or a house. It is also important to ensure that the property is well-maintained – a place that you will look forward to going home to at the end of the day. 


House buying and maintenance tips for young adults

When you have already bought a real estate property, it doesn’t stop there. It is actually only the start of you being a property owner. For one, choosing the right property depends on your lifestyle, marital status, and budget.

Should you get a small or large house? Should you even buy a new house or rent an apartment instead? These are only some of the things you need to consider when buying property for the first time. Other than that, here are tips to remember when buying real estate property as a young adult. 


Look for a trusted real estate agent. 

There are a lot of properties for sale that you can find online. You can contact real estate agents if you are interested in a property being sold in the market. Make sure that the agent is reliable and has years of real estate experience under his/her belt. 


Set a budget.

You can take a loan to be able to buy your preferred property. If you are planning to apply for a mortgage loan, you should look for a trusted lender to get the loan from. You can also ask your real estate agent about that. Set a budget if you already have a property in mind, and familiarize yourself with the real estate buying process. 


Find someone to help you. 

Some hire a financial coach to help you set the right budget to buy your dream house. It could take years to reach your financial goal, but all the sacrifices will be worth it. It is all about discipline and sticking to your goals. 


Know how to maintain a home. 

Let’s say you have already purchased your very first home. Congratulations! It’s just the beginning of your journey as a real estate property owner. And because it’s not a cheap investment, you need to take care of it so it will last for many years. Some of the basic house maintenance you should take note of include: 


  • Repainting chipped or faded interior or exterior walls
  • Recaulking/regrouting bathroom tiles, tub, and shower
  • Cleaning exhaust fans to prevent the formation of molds
  • Clearing the gutter and checking the roof for any rusting or any damage 


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