Hiring Professional Painters in TN? Prep Your Home First!

A house is not complete without proper interior and exterior painting. It can be a long process, but the results can all be worth the hard work and effort. Of course, it can ensure quality painting results as long as you take time on proper prepping and care. Better yet, you should hire professional painters for your paint job needs. 


If you are planning to update your home, you should find the best painters for your home improvement project. But before that, you need to prepare your house for this home makeover. Where to start, though? Here is a guide to prepare for a professional paint job project and save you time, money, and effort on it. 



Clear the room out first. 

If you are painting an entire room, you need to clear it first before starting a major paint job. Remove any furniture that is on the way of the areas you are planning to get painted and move them temporarily in a spare room. You can ask help from friends or family members to help you move heavy pieces of furniture out of the room. 


Next, you have to remove anything hanging on the walls such as frames and other wall accents. You also need to get rid of nails sticking out of the wall using a claw hammer. If there are lighting and fixtures on the ceiling or walls, you can either cover or remove them including the electric outlets. 



Clean and repair areas that will be painted. 

Check for any kind of cracks and holes on the walls before painting on it. Use sandpaper to smoothen any rough surfaces. That way, the primer, and paint will stick on to the wall surface better. Also, don’t forget to wear your face mask and ensure safety while sanding the walls. 


After sanding, wipe off any stains and dirt on the walls using warm soapy water. Make sure to wring the sponge first so that the wall won’t be too wet. In a circular motion, clean the wall surface, making sure to rinse it off from time to time to avoid reapplying the dirt. 



Cover furniture and fixtures you cannot move. 

If you do not have any spare room to relocate your furniture temporarily, you can cover them up instead. Cover furniture with plastic so they won’t be stained while the paint job is ongoing. Do not use cloth or newspaper to cover them as paint can still seep through the material. 


Use painter’s tape to cover the trimmings around the baseboards, windows, and other areas you don’t want to be painted. Drape your floor with drop cloths. For additional protection from staining your floor, you can fold the drop cloth in half before draping it. Or you can add old newspapers as well. 



By this time, you should be ready to have your room painted. But before the paint job itself, you need to prime up the surface first. Priming is the first step of the actual painting process so that the paint color will adhere to the surface easily and stand out when it dries. For more painting tips, you can ask your friendly professional painters near you!

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