Here Are The Different Types of Paint You Should Use In Every Room

House painting requires careful planning and consideration. For one, you need to prepare the surface you are going to paint. Remove the furniture and other items in the room to prevent them from getting splattered and stained by paint. Choose the right type of paint for the painting project. 

Do you need to hire a professional house painter for the painting task? How long the painting project will be? Do you and your family even have to move to another room or a temporary home while the painting project is ongoing? 

Also, take note that you might need to use a specific type of paint for each area of the house. Some paints are better used in the kitchen but not in the bedroom or basement, among other things. Here are tips for choosing the right kind of paint for every area of the house. 


Bathroom walls

We all know that the bathroom is the wettest part of the house. So choosing and using paint in the bathroom can be quite tricky. In this case, paint experts recommend using paint with a glossy sheen. Unlike flat or matte paint sheens, moisture won’t easily penetrate glossy paint sheens. Better yet, use paints labeled as bathroom paint. 


Kitchen walls

Like bathrooms, kitchen walls can also be prone to moisture and food stains among other things. For kitchen walls, better use eggshell, satin, or semi-gloss paint sheens for easier wiping and maintenance. That means you need to avoid using matte or flat types of paint as stains can stick and be harder to clean. 


Bedroom/living room walls 

The bedroom and living room are usually low-traffic areas, which means you can use any kind of paint. Go ahead if you want to use either a flat or glossy finish. Although, a lot of homeowners prefer using glossy paint types in these areas. 



Unpainted drywalls tend to be porous. Although you can paint on its bare surface directly, it is better to prime the surface first before the painting process itself. This is to ensure that the paint will adhere to the surface better. 



For cabinets, trims, doors, and windows, house painting experts recommend using oil-based paints. However, you can also use latex enamel paint for these parts of the house. Oil-based paint may take some time to dry but can provide a smooth and durable finish. There are also specific paints meant for trims and cabinets if you want to use that one. 



House painting experts often advise painting the ceiling flat white. Or in some cases, lighter shades of yellow and the like. This is because lighter and flat paint colors help make the room look and feel more spacious. There are also paints meant for ceiling painting that you can use. 


These are some important things you should consider before painting a specific room in the house. Remember that each paint types have a specific use so make sure to use the right one depending on the area you are going to paint. Better yet, hire professional house painting contractors in Franklin TN for your painting needs!

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