Get Rid of Snow On Your Deck Without Damaging the Surface With These Tips

A new year means fresh beginnings. Let us leave behind the bad things that have happened last year and aim for a fresh start this 2021. You can start by improving the quality of your life, including your home. Replace old and outdated appliances, rearrange your furniture, or repaint the faded interior or exterior walls. Speaking of repainting, make sure to hire the best painters in Franklin TN

Also, this is also the season of snow that we also have to clear off from time to time. For one thing, too much snow piling up your roof, driveway, and deck can be inconvenient and even damaging later on. If you do not clear off snow from your deck, it can cause warped or splintered boards. 

That is why you should remove snow off your deck area if you want to maintain the deck. But how can you do so without damaging its surface? Here are useful tips to clean your deck area this winter season without damaging the surface. 


Do not over-shovel 

Wooden decks are prone to warping or rotting due to high moisture, although it won’t be as extensive as most are made of treated lumber. Using a shovel to remove snow seems to be the most practical solution. However, doing this incorrectly can scrape and damage your deck area. Worst, you could spend some fortune on repairing your damaged deck come springtime. 

According to experts, the best times that you would have to shovel snow off the deck is when the snow has already reached the deck rails, and when it has caused blocking from your door. When you do shovel the snow off the deck, make sure to follow the deck board patterns. Otherwise, it can definitely damage the deck material. 

Instead of a metal shovel, opt for a corn broom to get rid of the pile of snow on your deck. Also, use a pet-friendly chemical to melt ice. Never use a plastic ice chipper or anything of that kind to prevent damaging the deck material. 


Other safe ways to remove snow from your deck

The abovementioned tip can help a lot in getting rid of the piled-up snow off your deck. At the same time, lessen the risk of damaging the deck material. However, it is better to prepare your deck even before winter arrives. Here are other tips to remove snow from your deck. 

  • Remove leaves, dirt, and other debris on the deck. 
  • Wash the deck using a mixture of bleach (1 cup), liquid soap (a couple of squirts), and water (3 cups) to get rid of any mildew. Let it sit on the deck surface before rinsing with water. Repeat as needed. 
  • Remove pots and planters from the deck, especially those with drainage holes. These could only cause moisture to be trapped and cause damage on the deck’s surface. 
  • Seek assistance from a deck repair expert/professional. It would be better to spend on improving your home that can be beneficial in the long run. For your painting and home improvement needs, make sure to hire the best paint contractors in Franklin TN!

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