Fix Annoying Paint Roller Marks With These Useful Tips

Aside from choosing the right paint color for interior or exterior surfaces, you should also consider the painting tool to use. The most commonly used is the paint roller. A lot of people choose to use this painting tool for their painting project mainly for its ease of use. Even professional painters in Bellevue TN use the good ol’ paint rollers for most of their paint projects. 


However, one of the most unpleasant things about using a paint roller is the mark it leaves on the painted surface. Imagine that you have just finished painting, only to find those annoying roller marks on the painted surface. It happens in most painting projects, but it is better to know how to deal with this issue. 



Why there are roller marks in the first place? 

There can be a variety of reasons. One possible reason is because of the cheap paint you used. Or perhaps that low-quality paint roller you have purchased on a bargain. It is also more likely when there is not enough paint on your roller and attempting to finish the area despite lack of paint. Lastly, roller marks are also likely if you do not exert enough pressure while painting a surface. 


It can be frustrating to see those marks after exerting effort on painting. Sometimes, you would also only see the roller marks in different lighting or angle. But as mentioned, this is a normal thing that occurs in a lot of residential and commercial paint projects. The above-mentioned reasons can help determine the cause of these paint roller marks and get rid of it.



How to get rid of paint roller marks

It is possible that the paint marks or streaks will go away. One way is by applying a second or third (as needed) paint coat on those specific areas for a cleaner, more even finish. Another way is to use sandpaper once the paint has already dried completely. Apply another coat of paint after sanding the area. 


Sure, it is stressful to see those annoying paint roller streaks. But the good news is you can get rid of it. Here are some tips that can help (aside from the additional coat of paint and sandpaper technique). 



Choosing the right roller size and type 

Use a larger type of paint roller if you are working on a wider/larger area or surface. On the other hand, you can use a smaller one if you are working on a narrow/smaller area. This will help you paint with more efficiency and feel freer to cover an entire surface without feeling restricted. 



Choosing the best quality paint 

As much as possible, think about quality over price. Sure, you can save a lot on cheaper paint brands. But is the quality worth the price? Besides, good quality paint can add value to your property. That is it is a good decision not to shortchange yourself when it comes to choosing paint. 



Hiring a professional paint contractor

You can do the painting job by yourself, but make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips for a good-quality paint project outcome. Otherwise, there are professional paint contractors you can hire to ensure the best results. 

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