6 Reasons Why a House Painting Project
Become an Epic Fail

Your house’s exterior parts are constantly exposed to various outdoor elements such as sunlight, rain, and bird poop. No wonder exterior paint tends to fade more easily than interior paint due to obvious reasons. That said, you need to know how you can make your exterior paint last a long time. 


However, most people do not realize there are several reasons why a paint job often fails, if not last long enough. Knowing these common culprits will help you make your next paint project beautiful and long-lasting in the years to come. 



Why paint jobs do not last

Starting a paint project may not be an easy task. You need to determine how many cans of paint you need to buy, the type of painting tool to use, or whether hire a professional painter or just do the job by yourself. If you are doing the latter, make sure not to commit these mistakes if you don’t want to make your paint project an epic failure. 



You do not paint a wet surface. 

Make sure that the surface is completely dry when you paint on it. Otherwise, the paint won’t stick well and drip off the surface eventually. Which is a waste of paint, so to say. 



You should not start a paint job in cold weather…

In case you don’t know yet, there is a certain temperature that you need to follow before applying a specific type of paint. For example, paint experts suggest applying oil-based paint in at least 40 F, and 50 F for latex paints. Meanwhile, applying a water-resistant preservative as a wood pre-treatment should be at a temperature above 70 F. 



…nor paint in extremely hot temperatures. 

Avoid painting when the temperature is 90 F and above to prevent blisters. In case blisters do appear on the surface, make sure to let the paint dry first before painting the surface.



You leave out an unfinished paint job for some time before resuming. 

Sun exposure can degrade the quality of an unfinished exterior paint job. Chances are, it won’t hold the rest of the paint job well if you leave it unfinished for weeks. In such a case, you can use a power washer or sand the surface lightly to remove the degraded surface layer before painting on it. 



The siding is dirty. 

If the wood siding has accumulated dirt and debris, make sure to clean it first by power washing. You can also use a brass brush and some detergent to rinse the wood surface. Avoid using iron or steel on cleaning the surface as it causes staining and glaze. 



The wooden surface has already decayed. 

Wood decaying happens if the surface has been wet for some time, which can affect its ability to hold paint. Some things you can do is to power wash and sand the wood surface, apply paint in the recommended temperatures, or priming it using a stain-blocking primer. If everything does not work, you might have to replace the wood instead. 



These are some useful tips you should remember to ensure a successful home painting job. For your painting needs, you can hire the best painters experts in Nashville TN. Contact one today!

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