6 Best Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home in Nashville TN

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Choosing the best exterior paint colors is one of the most important things you need to decide on. As they say, you need to commit to whatever paint color you choose. You don’t want to end up with exterior paint colors that don’t match the vibe you want to have for your home. 

That said, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to the paint color for your house exteriors. It can depend on your personal preference and your home’s overall theme. Nonetheless, you should choose the paint color that you would love to look at and return home in the years to come. 

Exterior paint color ideas

Have no idea which color to paint your exterior walls? Here are some paint color ideas that could inspire your next home improvement project. 


You can never go wrong with white. It exudes a classic yet modern American appeal to your home. You can opt for a classic shade of white for the façade and an off-white/cream/beige-ish shade for the doorway area for better contrast. 


If you are not a fan of traditional white but don’t want exterior paint colors that are too dark, you can opt for blue-gray or gray shades instead. It looks pleasing and calming in the eyes. It also has a “nautical” vibe which can be a good option if you are near the beach or live in an area with a cold climate. 

Yellow/”Butter” Yellow

Now, this is one eye-catching house paint color as it screams happy and sunny! But be careful when choosing the right shade of yellow. Home improvement experts suggest choosing a paler shade of yellow instead of the brighter ones. It still exudes that cheerful yet classic appeal of your home. 

Light blue 

Like blue-gray or the gray shades, light blue paint color can also suit well on houses that are near the coastline. It adds up to its serene aura – that feeling when you just want to sit on the deck and smell the ocean air. Plus, it looks pleasing to the eyes and highlights your home’s architectural structure. Paint light blue on the walls and opt for blue-gray or gray tinges on the windows, doors, and other outdoor accents.


Not everyone may be a fan of red paint for their house exteriors. However, you will be surprised how this hue can make your home look classic, and yes, a stand-out. It will look its best against the blue sky backdrop with vibrant greens around your property. You can choose a brick-red or lighthouse red hue for the walls, and classic white for the entryways and windows. 


Another great paint color to choose from is green-gray or Cypress Green (Benjamin Moore). This suits well for those who are into neutral shades. You can paint this color on your walls, and choose white or dark gray for the entryways, posts, and railings. 


These are some of the most highly-recommended exterior paint colors. It is important to choose the right color as it can make a lot of difference to your home’s overall feel. The right paint color will also add value to your home in case you are planning to sell it in the future. As for your painting needs, make sure to deal only with the best in Nashville TN

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