5 Worst Mistakes You Could Do When Buying Paint

Home improvement may sound overwhelming and expensive, but it’s not always what you think it is. Unless you are planning for home addition or any major overhaul, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars or tear down your home. A fresh coat of paint can be enough to add a new look to your home. 

Speaking of paint, you can never go wrong with it when it comes to improving the look and feel of your home. Before starting the painting process, you need to prep the surface that you are going to paint first. But do you know which should come first? Choosing the paint, of course!


Common mistakes when buying paint 

Painting a room or an entire house can be a tedious task. But choosing the paint is another story. It should be taken seriously. Read on to know the common mistakes in choosing house paint so you avoid it next time. 


Not buying enough paint

If only you have purchased enough paint, you won’t have to go back and forth to the paint store and waste your time. Usually, a gallon of paint can cover 400 square feet of a surface. Not sure how many paint cans to purchase? You can check an online paint calculator to know how much paint you will need for your paint project. It’s okay to buy a little more than you need than having too little and having to delay the task because of it. 


Not considering the finish 

The paint finish or sheen determines the paint’s shininess when applied on a surface. Paint sheens can either be glossy or matte/flat. Paint experts suggest using matte paint on walls while glossy paint matches more on trims or accent walls. Then again, choosing paint also depends on your style. But take note that glossy paints are more stain-and dirt-resistant and easier to clean than matte-painted surfaces. 


Not considering the decors you have at home 

When choosing a paint color, make sure to pay attention to the decors, fixtures, and the room’s color scheme. Doing so will help you choose the right paint colors that will complement the current furnishings you already have. 


Giving swatch testing a hard pass 

That paint swatch may look amazing when you saw it in the store. However, it could look way different if you apply the paint itself on your wall. That is why you should test it first directly on the surface you are planning to paint. You can also use a white poster board to test the paint color. Also, make sure not to test the paint swatches too close to each other. Instead, you can test a swatch on different walls to see how the paint color looks like in different lighting. 


Being too tight on your budget 

Being stingy on any major home improvement job, such as wall painting, is a major no-no. Buying cheap paint rollers and brushes may save you money, but won’t be reliable and even more expensive in the long run. Hiring a professional painter in Franklin TN can also challenge your savings. But when you think about it, you will be ensured of a quality house painting job if you hire them. Go ahead, contact one today!

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