5 Ways to Decorate a Room With Dark-Painted Walls

Life is incomplete without colors. These make our lives, well… literally and figuratively colorful. Different colors and shades can also affect our mood, how it can complement a person’s body type, and even how a room would look and feel like. Speaking of rooms, make sure to choose paint colors that would reflect look for a trusted paint contractor for your residential or commercial painting needs. 


Most home improvement experts would recommend painting your interior walls with lighter or neutral shades such as white or beige. These colors can brighten up a roo, and save you on energy costs (as you don’t have to switch on the lights more often). Not to mention these paint colors are classics. 


However, there are some homeowners who experiment with darker paint shades. Imagine painting your room with black or gray hues. Most people would think these colors are too gloomy or depressing as interior paint. Nonetheless, you can pull off a dark paint color with a bit of imagination and using the right décor that will complement it. 



How to pull off designing a dark-painted room 

Not everyone may be a fan of dark colors – black, gray, dark blue, brown, and so on. As mentioned, it can make a room look gloomy and too “emo” (as the younger generation puts it). Then again, dark interior paint colors can also add drama to a room. Follow these tips if you want to make your room dramatic in a way that is elegant and timeless. 



Add indoor plants. 

Indoor plants have become more popular this year when the pandemic began. Although, a lot of homeowners already have indoor plants way before COVID-19 happened. Nonetheless, it is a good idea to add indoor plants into your home due to its several benefits. It will brighten up a dark room as well as improve indoor air, and make your interiors look nicer. 



Add textured furnishings. 

Textured furnishings can also add contrast to your seemingly gloomy room. Opt for matte paint texture, or much better if you have textured walls or ceilings. You can also use décor with interesting designs and materials to complement the darker shade of your room. 



Use a huge piece of artwork. 

Hang a large artwork on your wall. It will draw attention from the dark walls. Not to mention such large pieces of artwork and another similar décor can also add drama and elegance to any room. 



Add metallic elements. 

Metallic surfaces have a sheen that can brighten up a dark room or space. Glossy paint has a sheen that can also mimic metal’s reflective surface. Surely, metallic and other reflective surfaces (such as mirrors) can complement black or gray walls. 



Splash in some color. 

Another way to decorate dark-colored rooms is by adding a splash of colors into them. Say, use bright orange carpets or bedsheets or paint a bright blue or yellow paint on an accent wall. 



These are some tips on decorating a dark-painted room. There is no bad paint color, actually. It is all about how you are going to make the most of the available space using the right décor and paint color, combined. For your paint job needs, make sure to hire the best painters in Franklin TN. Contact one today!

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