5 Simple Ways to Add Life to Your Boring Hallway

Your hallway may not technically be room to be decorated or renovated. But it doesn’t mean it should already be taken for granted. For one thing, the hallway can set the mood for your entire home. It is also one of the first things people would notice when they come to your humble home. 


That is why you should not neglect your hallway or corridor area when planning a home improvement project. Not only can you make your hallway area aesthetic but functional as well. If you want to include adding some fresh coat of paint to your hallway, make sure to hire the best painters in town



How to renovate your hallway 

With some creativity and ingenuity, you can make your hallway one of the best spots in the house. The hallway makeover doesn’t have to be grand or costly. It is all about making it functional, adding a dash of personality to it, and making the most out of the space it has. 



Turn it into a photo wall gallery. 

Imagine your hallway area like a museum where guests would walk slowly along its path while admiring the displays hanging on its walls. Relive your family’s fondest memories by hanging your most favorite photos from your past out-of-town trips and other important family milestones. If you have beautiful artwork to show off, you can also hang it on the hallway walls. Consider coordinating photo frames to achieve a cleaner and streamlined look. 



Add space-expanding mirrors. 

Not only mirrors can create the illusion of space but also add aesthetic to your home. You can apply this concept to your hallway area as well. You can put a huge round mirror paired with a narrow desk or console for added aesthetic and functionality to your hallway space. 



Install wallpaper. 

There are a lot of wallpaper designs and colors you can choose from. Stripes, flowery, monochromatic… make sure to choose a wallpaper design that jives with your personality or match the theme of your home. Do you rent an apartment or house? Or not sure which kind of wallpaper to install? There are removable wallpapers you can use for a start! But make sure to prep the wall surface first before installing any wallpaper or painting the surface. 



Create your own library. 

If you are a bookworm, you can utilize the space in your hallway area and build your own mini-library. Stack up your books and organize them the way you want to look like your dream library at home. To add up to the feel of an actual library, you can add a ladder so you can reach the higher shelves more easily. 



Roll down an area rug. 

An area rug can also add life to your hallway area. If you have a long and narrow pathway, laying an area rug or runner can do wonders for your hallway. There are a lot of area rugs or runners you can choose from that would suit your house’s theme and color scheme. You can also add potted or wall-hanging plants for a livelier touch. 



These are some of the best ways to dress up your hallway area. You can also add a nice coat of paint on your interior walls including the hallway walls. For your residential painting needs, make sure to contact a trusted residential painter in Franklin TN today!

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