5 Common Paint Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Nobody is perfect, so the popular adage goes. Even the best chefs or the most popular sportsmen did commit mistakes. The same goes when painting walls, furniture, or fixtures. There might be painting errors at some point, but you don’t have to be too hard with yourself if you do commit these errors. 


As mentioned, even the most experienced painters commit painting mistakes. Of course, you would want to hire the best painters in town for your painting needs for fewer chances of errors. But in case these dreaded painting errors do occur, these can still be corrected without spending too much or causing you lots of stress. 



Common paint job errors and how to fix them 

Painting mistakes sure can be annoying, stressful even. Some people would think that there is no hope of fixing such errors. But guess what? These can be easily fixed! Here are some of the most common paint errors and how you can fix them without the tears and added stress. 



Paint bubbles 

Paint blisters or bubbles occur when the top paint coat does not adhere well to the surface. This usually happens due to heat or moisture issues. If you see the presence of paint bubbles after a painting session, you need to determine its root cause. If it is due to heat issues, you have to address this first before making some tweaks with the finish. Once done, you can get rid of the paint bubbles, sand it, and smear primer before the repainting process. 



Paint drips 

Drips and runs usually happen if you dip your brush or roller with too much paint. To fix these paint drips, you should wait for the paint to dry out first before scraping the drips off the surface. Then, sand the surface until smooth before repainting the affected area properly and making sure it blends well with the rest of the surface. 



Paint stains on the carpet 

This could be one of many homeowners’ worst nightmares. Imagine your precious carpet getting stained by paint during a paint job. You can still reverse the effect of a paint spill while the paint is still wet by blotting it using a wet paper towel. Continue blotting until all the paint stain is gone. Do not rub it as the paint might penetrate further into the carpet’s fibers. Once dried, pour a small mixture of hot water and dishwashing liquid onto the affected area. Let it sit until the paint softens, then scrape the chipped paint using a small knife. 



Uneven paint coats 

The proper paint coating is the key to a successful paint job. Otherwise, the paint job would look patchy and uneven. But you can correct this mistake by letting the paint dry first completely. Then, apply the second coat of paint or more as needed to achieve a nice painted finish. 



Tape lines 

Waiting for too long to peel off the painter’s tape may end up pulling the dried paint along as well. If this does happen though, make sure to sand the affected area first. Then, wipe the sand residue off using a damp cloth and let it dry before repainting the peeled section. 



Paint errors can be truly annoying. But the good news is that these common painting mistakes can be corrected with these simple tips. For your paint job needs, make sure to contact trusted residential painters in Franklin TN!

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