5 Best Paint Color Apps For Painting Your House in Franklin TN

best house paint apps

Every home improvement project would not be complete without painting the walls. But with so many paint colors available, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect color. 

Then again, people have varying tastes in terms of color preference. Some lean towards a minimalist look, while others find pastel or neon colors more eye-catching. However, this doesn’t mean their preferred hues will suit their home’s overall aesthetic and feel.

Good thing there are some of the best paint color apps available to help you choose the perfect palette for your home’s walls. 

Choosing wall paint colors made easier 

You can now choose the right wall colors without leaving the house. Instead of relying on swatches, you can use these apps in selecting paint colors for painting your home. These apps can help you give an idea of what paint color will suit your home. Using these apps will lessen the risk of making mistakes and regretting your decision later on. 

Best paint color apps

Have no idea where to start? Check out these apps that can make your wall paint selection experience more convenient and fun.


Sherwin-Williams is one of the most widely-respected authority when it comes to paint and construction materials. So, coming up with a digital version of paint swatches is a dream come true for novice designers and paint enthusiasts. You can use this app to predetermine the best paint color for your kitchen, bedroom, or living room before making a purchase.

This popular paint app is available for download in both Android and iOS as well as a desktop version. One of its amazing features is that it lets you come up with color palettes that you like. There are also uploaded images available in the app where you can take inspiration from in creating your own customized palette collection. 

Paint My Wall

Available in iOS, this is also included among the best paint color apps ever made. All it takes is a few touches of a button to see which color matches best on your wall and home decor. You can also upload an actual photo of your room to test your color options.

It’s like you’re playing a simple coloring game on your phone or tablet, but can be applied in real life! On the downside, it contains ads that might pop up with every couple of paint tests. So, just be patient on that part. 

Home Harmony 

Want to see how your home would look like after applying a paint color that you like? Then, you should check out this app as well. It will make your next home improvement project a lot easier and even enjoyable. You can also try flooring options to have a better picture of your home renovation goals. 

As of now, this paint color app is only available for download in iOS. Some users also noted slight issues on its usage as it is said to be a bit slower than other similar apps. Nonetheless, this app is a great tool for your home improvement needs. 

Color Capture

Sometimes, you find design inspiration when you are outdoors. This is exactly what this color palette app does. Color Capture by Benjamin Moore makes hue matching so easy and convenient even when you are not at home. Simply point and take a photo of the image that caught your fancy, and this app will find a color match for you. 

As of now, it is available for download in iOS. Unlike the above paint apps, it also has no option of applying the colors on your chosen images. 

Color Wand 

Feel like a professional home designer when you use this paint app. But you don’t need to be a professional designer to use this app as it can also be used by anyone. It offers a streamlined palette procedure including scanning, matching, and mixing. You can download this app on iOS. 

These are 5 of the best paint color apps that can help with your home designing requirements. These apps are generally easy to use, can be downloaded on your phone or desktop, and will save a lot of time, effort, and money in choosing the right paint palette for your home. 

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