4 Ways on Maintaining Concrete Flooring

When it comes to commercial flooring choices, concrete flooring is the most popular and well-used. Every commercial building from retail stores, government, and private offices, to warehouses, often uses concrete flooring due to its several benefits. But of course, you need to maintain the quality of the concrete flooring through regular maintenance and repairing it as needed. 

Concrete is one of the most versatile and durable building materials available. It is also weather-resistant, low-maintenance, and cost-effective. Speaking of which, it won’t take a lot of time and resources to maintain concrete flooring. But you need to ensure regular care and lovin’ for your concrete flooring and make sure everyone’s safe within the facility. 


Steps on maintaining concrete flooring 

As mentioned, concrete flooring is a versatile, durable, cost-effective, and low-maintenance material out there. They are generally stain-resistant, but concrete floors are still prone to collecting dirt and debris and prone to accumulation of mold and mildew. 

That is why it is still a must to keep your concrete floors well-maintained to make them last longer. Here are the most important steps to take in maintaining concrete flooring and make the most of your investment. 


Keep your floor clean. 

This is basic, whether in commercial or residential establishments. As mentioned, concrete flooring is still susceptible to dirt, debris, and mold, and mildew. Dry or wet mopping is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to maintain your concrete flooring. Use a pH-neutral floor cleaner especially for high-traffic spots. Avoid using products with bleach or ammonia as it can damage the floor surface later on. 


Seal the floor. 

Cleaning the floor regularly is important. The next step is to seal it to keep away dirt, debris, and mildew. Sealing also prevents your floor from dulling. Sealing is done during the floor installation and at least every 2 to 5 years depending on foot traffic. Floor sealing also helps protect against weather conditions that can contribute to the eventual wear and tear of the concrete material. 


Polish the floor regularly. 

While high-traffic areas need to be maintained more often, the low-traffic floor areas need extra care, too. In this case, low-traffic areas need to be polished to maintain their shininess and beauty. This won’t need sealing or waxing but makes the surface look new as always. Health and wellness facilities often polish the floors to keep them shiny and spotless. 


Repair and wax the floor. 

Aside from the regular cleaning, sealing, and polishing, take your floor protection to the next level by waxing it. This often goes after sealing the floor, which further helps it be more stain and scratch-resistant. Not to mention make your floor look shinier and like new again. This will also make the commercial facility look more professional-looking and pleasant to look at. 


Last but not the least, address any repairs needed and do so immediately. Make sure to have your floors inspected and address any damage such as scratches or cracks before these get worse. All of these repair and maintenance steps should be done by professionals in Franklin TN. For your commercial painting and other related services, contact one today!

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