4 Ways on How to Pull Off a Maximalist Home

We all heard about minimalism, but how about maximalism? A lot of people cannot live with clutter, which is why living the minimalist lifestyle is a perfect match for them. A simple wall paint color such as black, white, or any other neutral shades suit best a minimalist home. 

Meanwhile, some people may not be familiar with maximalism. For one thing, it is the opposite of a minimalist lifestyle. It uses all sorts of colors, furniture, and décor to give life to a home. Maximalism is also often misinterpreted as it is usually associated with clutter or messiness. 

Yes, you can achieve the “organized” look of your home without necessarily shifting to a minimalist lifestyle. It also doesn’t mean you fill up your living space with whatever décor you want. You simply have to work on what you have and turn your living space into something that is either trendy or classic, whatever your personality and preference suits. 


Getting started with maximalism 

First of all, there is no right or wrong way to turn your room into a maximalist home. It is more on adding décor and other stuff that your love in your interiors. It is more on creating a personal and unique living space without as restrictions as possible, unlike a minimalist home design. Here are the things to remember in arranging a maximalist room. 


There is no such thing as too many books. 

Bookworms, rejoice! A maximalist home is perfect for you! All of your precious books are very welcome in a maximalist home setup. You don’t need to let go of your books by selling or giving them to someone else. If you want a mini-library at home, go ahead and live the ultimate book lover’s dream. 


Create an art gallery in your own home. 

Art enthusiasts will also love a maximalist home. Imagine having your own wall art gallery at home. There’s no exact way to decorate your art wall… you simply fill it with amazing art pieces. Just make sure to know how to put them on the wall without ruining the wall surface. If you want to fit in as many artworks on the walls as you can, you should also take note of your wall spacing. 


Don’t be afraid to use lots of colors. 

It is said that colors are the major foundations of maximalism. Start with a simple color palette and work on your color combinations from there. Also, don’t be afraid to use dark colors such as black or navy blue. The secret is to add bright accent pieces to contrast the darker hues. 


It’s all about you and your comfort level. 

At the end of the day, maximalism is all about you and your comfort. It allows you to be you and be able to decorate your living space without the limitations of colors, décor, and so on. It is more about making the most out of your personal space without letting go of all of the things you love. Nice paint color also helps transform your living space without a major overhaul. Contact a professional residential painter in Franklin TN today.

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