4 Home Improvement Tasks Your Neighbors Most Likely Hate

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to take care of your home and ensure its cleanliness and overall comfort at all times. Hiring a professional painter or contractor is also a good idea to maintain your home. You can also expect some untidy and noisy moments while a home improvement project is ongoing. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has friendly neighbors. All the more, there would be some conflicts between you and these disapproving neighbors while a home improvement project is ongoing. If you want to avoid these unwanted conflicts, then read on so you won’t have to compromise neighborly love at the expense of improving your home. 


Home improvement tasks that can potentially annoy neighbors 

Home improvement can be an exciting but challenging task. Whether indoors or outdoors, it will change the feel and look of your living space. A home addition, a kitchen or bathroom renovation, or an important repair can make you feel accomplished, safe, and secure. 

Imagine living in a peaceful neighborhood and then suddenly engulfed with noise due to the repairs and all can be really annoying. Or perhaps an additional floor level can block their natural light. This can potentially cause conflicts, which is the last thing any homeowner would want during a home improvement project. You might want to anticipate the following projects that neighbors might not like. 


Construction noise 

Unfortunately, it’s impossible not to create noise, especially during a major renovation. It becomes more annoying when the renovation starts early morning. Not to mention construction trucks that might be blocking the road. In this case, try working with the contractor to ensure as minimal noise as possible and make sure not to cause traffic in your neighborhood. 


A fence that is too tall

A tall fence ensures your household’s privacy, but can also cause issues with the neighbors. For one, it can block their much-needed sunlight. Or it somehow made your home look too suspiciously private and even scary. So if you are planning to build a fence, you might want to use one that doesn’t have to be the same with the neighbors but at least complement aesthetically. 


Exterior colors that are too bright 

Unless you live in a tropical or warm location, you can go ahead and paint your exterior wall a brighter shade. Otherwise, you might want to use bright paint colors inside your home instead. Your hot pink-colored exteriors may not be well-received by those who pass by your home, especially if you live in an exclusive neighborhood. 


Extensive irrigation system 

Having an irrigation system will help turn your landscaped area into lush neighborhood greenery. But it could only be a nuisance if your irrigation system creates noise at the most inconvenient times or soaks your neighbor’s driveway. 



These situations might be too trivial or not much of a big deal. But in life, sometimes you also have to consider other people’s feelings when making decisions. The same applies when you’re planning a major renovation that will disrupt your neighborhood’s peace and calm.


Compromise is also the key when it comes to these situations. More importantly, follow your construction timeline. For your painting needs, make sure to hire a professional painter in Franklin TN.

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