3 Tips on Choosing a Color Palette For Your Home

Choosing a color palette for your home is exciting but also confusing and even overwhelming. With so many colors to choose from, it can be a challenge to choose the right color that will suit your home and satisfy your inner home designer. Finding a professional house painter can also be a chore, but it should not always be the case. 


Why you should consider having a home color scheme 

Ever bought a piece of home décor that ended up not looking or feeling right with the overall feel of your home? It happens, and this is where having a color scheme for your home can help. For one, setting color palettes makes paint color and home décor selection a lot easier because you already have a pattern to follow. 

So the next question is how you should pick a color palette scheme for your home. There are lots of colors to choose from, so which one should you choose? This article should help you find the right color palette that screams “you”, whether you have a rustic or modern-style home. 


How to choose a color palette scheme for your home 

Here are tips on choosing a color scheme for your home. This is important if you want to set a certain ambiance or appeal to your home. One that will catch your guests’ attention and be a conversation starter. 


Check out your closet. 

You don’t have to go further. Just check your closet for some color palette ideas. Then, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Which of these clothes is my favorite colors and want to wear all the time? 
  • Do these colors make me happy and make me feel “me”? 
  • Are these colors the ones I want to see every day? 

These questions should help you find the right color palette for your home. If you love a certain color(s), why not use them for your home? It doesn’t matter if you choose unconventional colors or colors that are too bright for other people’s taste. Remember, it should be all about you and what makes you happy!


Find your primary piece of inspiration. 

The next step is finding a piece of fabric, or a rug/carpet, a piece of art, any home décor item that catches your fancy. Yes, you do not set your eyes on paint color just yet. Find any home décor or fabric (pillowcase, curtains, carpet, etc.) and use that as an inspiration for building your color palette. Too colorful? There is no such thing as too colorful when finding a color palette inspiration!


Choose a 5-color palette. 

Why 5? Because each color will represent a palette that will make the entire color scheme work. These colors include the following: 


Color #1: Base color 

Usually, it will be white. But you can also opt for black if you want. You could never go wrong with the classics such as white (or black). 


Color #2: Neutral 

Can be the usuals such as beige, gray, greige, or tan. It should be able to bring the other colors together and create your home color scheme. It can be the color base of your ceiling or sofa. 


Color #3: Primary color 

This all goes back to your trip to the closet. It can be repeated throughout your home whether in the living room or bedroom. 


Colors #4 and 5: Coordinating color 

You can choose similar hues of the color wheel or mix them up for a more interesting look. Warm colors such as yellow, red, and orange give an energizing vibe, while green, gray, and blue give off calm energy. 


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