3 Budget-Friendly Home Staging Tips

Imagine that time that you finally bought your first home. You built a lot of memories in it, welcomed guests, and served as a shelter from the harsh outdoor elements. And then after a few years, you decide to move into a bigger house for your growing family. 

Being emotional about it is understandable. But selling it is the ultimate goal – and you need to make the house sellable. This is where home staging comes in. Before that, you should know that home staging should not break the bank. Hiring a professional paint contractor is also a good idea, but you can do these budget-friendly home staging tips instead. 


Budget-friendly home staging tips 

Selling real estate property can be challenging. For one thing, selling a house is not as easy as selling food in your favorite restaurant. Selling a house is also a huge decision to make, and usually, the selling does not happen overnight. That is why you should put in extra effort to ensure a sale within a short time. Not to mention make your home look good in the eyes of potential buyers, too!


Marie Kondo your home.

If do not know her, here’s what she does: She encourages people to get rid of things that do not spark joy. Most clutter does not spark joy, so make sure to remove those as part of your home staging task. A messy and disorganized home is a reflection of you as a homeowner, by which you don’t want to remain in your old home.

Get rid of clothes and other things you are not using anymore. Clean up the cabinets because potential buyers like checking closets. If they see clutter, that would turn them off and affect their decision of buying the house. Remove all of your personal stuff and start with a clean slate for your future buyers. 


Change the room layout 

Try mixing up fabrics, furnishings, and colors. Move the sofa and other pieces of furniture that seem to make the room looked cramped, and relocate into another spot to optimize the other space in the area. Add another décor to make your home look more welcoming and reflect your current location. For example, try adding home decors such as coral rocks and seashell curtains if your house is near the coastal area. Or add dried flowers or wood carvings if you have a countryside home. No matter where you live, you can add any décor according to your likings such as plants, flowers, or even action figure collectibles. 


Get rid of the unpleasant smell. 

You might not notice the unpleasant smell in your home because you have already gotten used to it. Have a friend or a neighbor smell your house, they will notice it if there is. Spraying air fresheners won’t work – do it the organic way! Bake some goodies, make coffee, grind a lemon, or burn cinnamon sticks. 


Home staging need not be expensive. These tips will help with dressing up your home for sale. A fresh coat of paint for a refreshing look will also help! Contact a residential painting expert in Franklin TN today!

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