3 All-Natural Chemical-Free Paint Removers For Your Next House Painting Project

Planning a house painting project is a major home improvement task. For one, you need to choose the right paint color and sheen. You also have to prepare the surface and remove a lot of stuff in the room to avoid unnecessary spills and splatters. Not to mention decide whether to do the job on your own, or hire professional painters to do the job for you. 

When it comes to house painting, you need to prep the surface first to ensure a flawless paint job. This includes stripping away old paint before repainting, which is not an easy task, to begin with. Most painters would use chemical-based paint removers, which basically do the job. 

However, most of these paint removers can be harmful to the environment and to humans. These paint removers often contain chemicals such as methylene chloride, acetone, and ethanol among a few. If used improperly, it can cause serious damage to your skin and respiratory system among a few.

That is why you should check out the ingredients first before using these kinds of chemical-based paint strippers. But there’s good news! There are paint removers that are less harmful available in the market. Some of these paint removers are even available in the comfort of your home!


Citrus-based paint strippers 

Most citrus-based paint removers contain plant-derived ingredients called terpenes. Since these are citrus-based, you can expect them to smell orange-y. Yet, in terms of paint-removing properties, it tends to remove paint slower than the usual chemical-based paint removers. 

Nonetheless, it is safer to use especially on the varnished or painted surface than chemical-based strippers. Citrus-based paint removers are also biodegradable, but could still contain chemicals that can be harmful when improperly used. 


Soy-based paint strippers 

Meanwhile, most soy-based paint removers contain methyl soyate which is derived from soybean oil. Soy-based paint strippers, like citrus-based paint removers, are also more environment-friendly. It contains low VOC levels and no ozone-harming ingredients. 

Soy-based strippers are also good to use on different types of surfaces such as concrete, metal, and wood. On the contrary, it may take some time to scrape off paint from the surface using soy-based removers. A suggestion would be to let the stripper sit on the surface for a couple of hours before starting the stripping process. 


Manual removing 

If you are not keen on using any type of paint stripper, you can manually scrape off the old paint. Sure, it is one tedious task and even potentially dangerous especially if it is traces of lead paint you have to get rid of. Regardless of the paint removal method, make sure to use a mask and other necessary protective gear. 

Aside from scraping the surface with all your might, you can also use a heat gun to loosen up paint. Or you can also use an electric sander or plain sandpaper to strip off the old paint. Just make sure not to sand too much as it may damage the surface permanently. 

These are some ways to strip off the old paint on a surface before starting the repainting process. Make sure to wear the necessary gear for a safe painting task. For a professionally-made paint job, trust your friendly-neighborhood residential painter in Franklin TN!


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